Services & Rates for Pleasanton Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & More in the 680 Corridor

We strive to provide the best care for your pets! If you need something a little extra, please let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you!

We're proud to offer the lowest rates for Pet Sitting & Dog Walking in the area!

Vacation Service Package

  • Food, fresh water and clean bowls
  • Administer medication (if needed)
  • Playtime, exercise and lots of love and attention
  • Newspaper and mail brought in
  • Waste clean up
  • Litter box cleaning
  • Water indoor and/or outdoor plants
  • Trash cans to curb & back on garbage day
  • Rotate lighting & blinds/drapes
  • Home security check (windows/doors closed/locked)

Up to 4 pets
Custom rates available for large amounts of pets.

Dog Walking Service

Finding time for that necessary 1 hour per day of exercise for our dogs can be nearly impossible. That's where our dog walking in Pleasanton and surrounding areas comes in for you, but especially for your pup! Whether for a half hour or 45 minutes, we'll be sure that your four legged friend, no matter his size, has plenty of fun and burns that extra energy!

  • On-leash walk outdoors for fresh air and lots of sniff time!
  • Fresh, cool water provided
  • Feeding, if needed
  • Waste clean up

Dog or Cat Playtime/TLC Service

Some pets are just too good for the outside and Pleasanton dog walking is not their idea of fun. Our Playtime Service is perfect for your finicky fur friend! We provide lots of love, attention and, of course, plenty of playtime in the cool indoors or fenced-in yard.

  • Indoor or fenced-in yard playtime
  • Lots of love, fun, attention and belly rubs
  • Waste clean up or litter box cleaning
  • Fresh, clean water
  • Feeding, if needed

Pet Waste Removal Service

Having a fresh, clean space to do their business makes every dog's day great! We offer this service to keep your yard clean and free of waste.

$23.00 per visit
(approx. 30 minutes)

As low as $23.00
for 30-minute walk

As low as $30.00
for 45-minute walk

Lowest rates for dog walking in Pleasanton, CA

As low as $21.00
for 30-minute playtime visit.

As low as $27.00
for 45-minute playtime visit.

$20.00 per visit for once per week service

$15.00 per visit for twice per week service

Price varies for a one-time visit and will depend on quantity of waste.

$18.00 per visit
(approx. 10 minutes)

$75.00 per night
Available on limited basis.

$15.00 per visit

$30.00 per hour

$18.00 small dog
(up to 20 pounds)

$23.00 medium dog
(up to 40 pounds)

$33.00 large dog
(up to 80 pounds)

$45.00 giant dog
(81 pounds and up)

Professional Pleasanton Dog Walking at it's best with Crow Canyon, the ONLY dog walkers in Pleasanton that you will ever need! Paws down!  So call our Pleasonton dog walkers today for a consultation!

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