Experience the Best in Walnut Creek Pet Sitting for Your Four Legged Friend!

"Casey has a lot of energy and would be begging to play when we were too tired after work. We can not be more pleased with Crow Canyon Pet Sitting. Marcus takes her for her walks every day and throws her favorite toy until she's tired. She's nice and settled down when we get home from work!"

~ Rob and Terri, Danville

"We are so happy to have a pet and house sitting service we can trust. We can relax knowing that only Marcus or Shawna will enter our home and be taking care of Patches. They know her habits and all her little hiding places! We enjoy our travels knowing Patches and our home are in safe hands."

~ Mike and Renee L., Alamo

"Rocky is a great dog and obviously Pit Bulls are very strong. Rocky stays at home while I'm at work, so I wanted to get a dog walker to get him out during the day. I had trouble finding someone who could handle him on a leash out in public until I got in touch with Crow Canyon Pet Sitting. Rocky is no problem for Marcus!"

~ Steve S., San Ramon

"I used to feel guilty about leaving Hula in a kennel while I left on a business trip. She would be unhappy for days after I got home. Now, with Crow Canyon Pet Sitting, she can stay home and be well cared for. She's happy when I get home and I can focus on my work while traveling without feeling guilty about her. They even take her to the groomer for me so I don't have to find the time myself."

~ Joshua R., Dublin


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